P D B Panels

Power Distribution Panel are using in applications like power-distribution, control, ground-fault protection and monitoring. Apart from this, Power Distribution Panel also serves as alarm panel for freeze protection, broad temperature-maintenance and heat-tracing applications. These Power Distribution Panels are integrated with ground-fault circuit breakers in an enclosure having assembled circuit-breaker panel board with or without alarms contacts.

M C C Panels

We offer MCC Panels that are designed for the distribution of power, main incoming and motor control panels. These MCC Panels are designed with care and stringent quality inspection to ensure client satisfaction. This range is available in standard as well as in customized size

  • Fix / Draw out Type MCC.
  • Motor control center with DOL / RDOL / SD starters
  • Various designs provided like single / Double Front, Fixed / Draw out type, with DCS / Marshaling terminations
  • Required control voltage facilities control transformer, control bus.
  • All starters are provided with type 2 co-ordinations where required

P C C Panels

We manufacture and supply pcc panels, which are used for diverse industrial applications. These are used to supervise and control the voltage and reactive power of the power system. These panels are made of quality raw material and are extremely sturdy in construction.

  • Main LT panel / PCC with single / Multiple Incomers, bus couplers, with proper interlocking.
  • Required protections, Fault indications, interlocking are provided.
  • Required facilities like DG incomer with AMF functions, Cut-Off of non essential feeders at the event of failure of mains power.
  • Panel with provision to connect bus duct at main incomer side.
  • Various designs are offered in PCC like top / middle / bottom horizontal bus chambers, panel with Aluminum / Copper bus bars, top / bottom / front / rear cable termination, combinations of APFC part with PCC

APFC Panels

We manufacture and supply a qualitative range of panels. These APFC are designed and developed using advanced techniques and are capable of saving maximum power and energy. These APFC Panel are highly efficient and accurately monitor the reactive power in power systems for saving energy and can alter the system voltage as well as current.

  • Compartment / Non Compartment Type APFC.
  • Wall Mounting / Floor Mounting
  • Also Provide with Reactor & Thyristor Module for better performance.

A M F Panels

We manufacture and supply a fully automatic synchronizing panels operated by microprocessor based relays qualitative range of panels.

  • AMF, Auto synchronizing, Manual synchronizing, Auto load sharing, Active & Reactive power management with protection such as U/V, O/V, E/F, O/C IDMT, reverse power etc.
  • Load unbalance metering such as Ammeter, Voltmeter, Hz meter, KW, PF, KWH, Double Volt, Double Hz, Synchroscope
  • Team of experts to provide commencing / site services

M C B Distribution Boards

We have earned domain expertise in developing optimum quality MCC Panel. The draw out MCC panel offered by us, is made up of superior quality parts. These are manufactured under the close supervision of our expert professionals, who have rich industry experience of their respective domains.

Sub Meter Panels

Sub-metering is the process of metering or measuring how many resources are consumed by a tenant's unit. These resources normally include potable cold water, domestic hot water, heating and cooling energy used along with electrical use. In other parts of the world they have been metering these things for while but here in North America we're only used to having our electricity, natural gas and sometimes water metered by the utility companies. With our tenant sub-metering solutions it is now possible to collect, visualize and report on as many metered resources as you want and use this information to set rent levels, prorate overall resource costs and flag potential abuse or waster of resources along with providing valuable diagnostic data on the delivery of those resources.